At Globalsat Group, we empower you to explore, push boundaries, and thrive, while always staying connected and secure. Whether you're an intrepid traveler, an extreme sports enthusiast, a leisure boater, or a lone worker, our solutions are designed to keep you connected and safe in any situation.

Globalsat Group is a global satellite communications solutions company, providing access to voice and data services anywhere on the planet connecting people and devices in the world’s most remote places or in the most critical conditions.

General Description


When you step out of your comfort zone, Globalsat Group is here to help you stay connected, safe and on the right path. Push your connectivity limits with reliable calling, texting, SOS and GPS tracking services provided by Globalsat Group.


✦ Ease of use.

✦ Global coverage.
✦ Phone & internet access.
✦ Mobile and transportable terminals.
✦ 24/7 customer, network& technical support.

Typical Applications

✦ Two-way messaging.
✦ Voice.
✦ Location services.
✦ Safety.
✦ Remote worker.

Travel & Outdoor


When you venture into less-traveled territories, Globalsat Group's services are your reliable companion, ensuring you stay connected, secure, and on the right course. Expand the limits of communication with satcom's trustworthy calling, text messaging, SOS functionality, GPS tracking, or long-range walkie-talkie-style connectivity for groups. Whether you're conquering a mountain, exploring glaciers, or attempting a world record, with Globalsat Group's solutions by your side, you can reach out to your family and friends even in areas where cell phones lose signal.

Two-Way Messaging

✦ Two-way SMS and messaging.
✦ Email & internet access.
✦ Social media.
✦ Photo sharing.
✦ Smart phone connectivity.


✦ Voice.
✦ Calling smart phone connectivity.
✦ Walkie-talkie-style group communication.

Location Services

✦ GPS navigation.
✦ Personal tracking.
✦ Location sharing & check-In.
✦ Interval tracking.


✦ SOS alerting.
✦ 24/7 SOS monitoring.
✦ Search & rescue connectivity.
✦ Weather forecasting & reporting.

Extreme Sports


When embarking on extreme adventures, reliable communications become crucial. Globalsat Group provides a comprehensive set of solutions to coordinate race logistics, track vehicles or vessels in real-time, monitor advanced telematics from a far, and establish emergency communications for critical situations.

When the challenge is establish faster, more reliable data and voice communications with electronic polling stations in hundreds of small rural villages lacking access to terrestrial networks Globalsat Group asures accessibility, security and reability.


✦ Real-time tracking.
✦ Global team push-to-talk communications.
✦ Telematic data.
✦ Team coordination / base logistics.
✦ Emergency calling (vehicle/vessel mounting).
✦ Navigation and mission planning.
✦ Weather updates.

Leisure Boating


Setting sail on the open ocean is an unparalleled adventure. With Globalsat Group solutions, adventurous days become both enjoyable and secure, thanks to its dependable voice and data communications. Whether it's tracking weather conditions or staying connected with loved ones back on shore, Globalsat Group ensures leisure sailors have a critical link to safety and security at sea, providing peace of mind throughout the journey.

Captain & Passenger Communications

✦ High quality voice calling.
✦ Email and web access.
✦ Messaging apps.
✦ Weather updates.
✦ E-navigation updates.
✦ Monitoring.

Connected Ship

✦ Monitoring.
✦ Remote diagnostics.
✦ Automation.

Safety Communications

✦ Weather monitoring.
✦ Safety alerting.
✦ Safety calling.

Lone Worker


Lone workers, especially in remote and dangerous regions, encounter increased safety and communication obstacles. Globalsat Group solutions effectively address these challenges by reducing risks and bolstering personal safety through location-based services, safety alerting, man down systems, and low-latency, two-way communications capabilities worldwide.

Remote Worker

✦ Incident detection.
✦ GPS tracking.
✦ Location-based services.
✦ Two-way communications.
✦ SOS.
✦ Messaging.

Operations Center

✦ Safety monitoring.
✦ Evacuation management.
✦ Real-time emergency alerts.
✦ Man down detection.
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